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When your goals are important than a party, welcome to the 1% club. #nabiimcknight www.nabii.cloud Your battle is my battle. We fight together. #nabiimcknight www.nabii.cloud When you are a good person, you dont lose people, they loose you. #nabiimcknight www.nabii.cloud
A person who trusts no one now, once trusted someone too much. #nabiimcknight www.nabii.cloud Every now and then, a person with no agenda, no ulterior motive, ... #nabiimcknight www.nabii.cloud Never discredit your gut instinct. #nabiimcknight www.nabii.cloud
You learn alot about people when they don't get what they wanted. #nabiimcknight www.nabii.cloud Stop giving 100% to people who give 50%. #nabiimcknight www.nabii.cloud Don't tell someone about your good side to make them stay. Tell them your worst side see who stays. #nabiimcknight www.nabii.cloud