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We are a Charity whose Slogan is "We Connect People". Our Mission is to create over 1 Million Jobs directly globally. We bankroll Charity through innovative products which attract Investors rather than relying primarily on Donors. We sponsor certain Clients in reciprocity of Referrals and we have Business, Career and Investment opportunities you may be interested in. The excellence of our work has taken us to various places such as KCB Lions' Den in Kenya, East Africa, a franchise of Shark Tank, USA.

Our Flagship Solution:

Private Chat Room to deepen the engagement of your audience for better interaction, learning and productivity. It works like an internal LinkedIn platform and supplements (not replaces) the limitations of Gmail, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc, such as clutter, safety, limited audience, lack of historical conversations for new group members, lack of interaction after a meeting, training or conference and inability to measure the qualitative effectiveness of content delivery and uptake. This is valuable to Academic Chaplains, Content Creators/Speakers, Faith-Based Leaders, HR Executives and Politicians.

Additional Plug-ins include:

  1. Public Chat Room for Mentorship and Networking. Topics include Business, Careers, Relationships, Spirituality and much more.
  2. Personality Report to find and/or keep your Spouse based on Myers-Briggs.*
  3. Banner Ads to reach audiences visiting our platform.
  4. Bulk SMS and USSD Dial Codes for mass communication.
  5. Call Support Service so that when someone calls your line, they hear a customised automated welcome survey in your own voice with analytics similar to Banks, Telcos and Utilities. This useful for improving Customer Service and rewarding Staff Performance.
  6. Financial Reporting Service for access to bank-like statements suitable for FBOs, SACCOs, Schools, Real Estate Agents, etc.
  7. School Reporting Service for individualised online transcripts uploaded by a Registrar for Parents and/or Students to login.
  8. Website for marketing as a person or entity with your own domain name, professional email account and unlimited space. Samples available on request.
  9. Custom Service: As per your requirements.
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